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by mks

When it comes to jet pilots, one thing they know for sure is their need for top quality servos. Jet speeds test servos like no other model type does. The jet flyer needs fast responsive servos, that also have the torque required to deal with air loads at 200mph. At the same time jet wings and tails are thin, leaving little space for powerful servos.

Enter MKS. Their all metal, titanium geared, dual ball raced HBL6625 wing servos offer phenomenal performance. How about a 1 cm thick servo, that can easily fit inside a fin or tailplane, uses a brushless motor, gives outstanding centering and resolution, runs on a 2 cell unregulated LiPo battery, and produces an unheard of 9.6 kg-cm of toque with a transit speed of 0.127 seconds.

Not enough? Then up the voltage to 8.4 volts and get an output torque of 10.4 kg-cm in a transit time of 0.11 seconds. Just outstanding!

The slightly larger HV737 is just 15mm thick, and built the same way as the HBL6625. It boasts a torque of 9.1kgs-cm on a 2 cell LiPo, and is slightly faster with a transit speed of .1 sec.

When you need a full size servo, the  Brushless motor HBL 850 will fit the bill. With and output torque of 22.5kgs-cm on a 2 cell LiPo, this servo has an incredible 0.079 sec transit speed.

NEW! The HV777a+ is finally here. This all metal coreless motor digital servo offers fabulous performance at less than a standard digital servo from a well known competitor. Check it out!

These servos have been known to competition glider pilots for several years already. It is now time that Jet pilots hear the news. You, like them will literally feel the difference. There is a full range of servos from MKS that will satisfy the most demanding jet modeller.