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1:3 Scale  Call for price

1:3 scale Call for Price

1:3 scale Call for Price

1:3.8 scale Call for price

1:3.8 scale Call for Price

1:38 scale Call for Price

Almost ready to Fly

The model built, covered in Solartex, painted and deacals installed. Ready for radion installation and linkages added.

Almost ready to Cover

The model is fully built and all accesories fitted as far as possible.Ready to be covered, painted, and radio installed.

Plan Pack

  • All parts CNC cut, plan and "step by step" DVD.
  • Set of balsa blanks
  • Canopy
  • Wing Joiner

Old Gliders

PWS 101 1:3.8 scale                                PWS101 1:3 scale

Span:5 m, Length: 1.91 m, weight 8-10Kgs                                                             Wingspan: 6.3m, L: 2.42m, Weight: 18Kgs Profile: HQ 3.5-14, 3.5-11, 3x13

                                                                                                                                          *Also available with 4 piece wing. Call for details.