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Jet Arrows

Piper PA-46 Malibu

Designed for Turbo Jet Power

Piper PA-46 Malibu is all-laminated set of a JET model, which is constructed and manufactured according to a real lightweight American aircraft, produced by Piper Aircraft in Florida. The airplane has the excess pressure cabin and its power comes from a single engine. The airplane provides the capacity of one pilot and five passengers.

1:4 scale

We paid attention to the perfect quality and precision of processing again. The model set is designed in full detail including riveting and plating. The real aircraft, as can be seen in the photo-gallery, served as a template. The accessories contain basic parts for the model completion. Whole of the model is made of white fibreglass reinforced by carbon stiffeners and plywood partitions,which are equally as our other models, milled with high precision with CNC machines. Other component parts are a fibreglass door and cabin glass.

Remote control functions

front undercarriage wheel

Technical specification

Wingspan 3.270 mm

Length 2.160 mm

Weight 12 - 13 kg 

Turbine Turboprop Wren 44 

Tank 1,5 Litres