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Pilatus PC-21

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The Pilatus PC-21 is a copy of a real trainer aircraft. It is a fully laminated model with engraving and plating, and is designed to be powered by an electric motor. It is very compact and portable. The whole model is finished in color, with rivets and cladding, and the one-piece wing is removable. It is ready for the installation of retractable landing gear.

1:8 scale

The model is designed to be powered by an electric motor using a 3 - 5 cell LiPo battery, with a capacity of 3700 mA, and the use of an 11 x 8 propeller. With a flying weight of around 2,700 grams (5-cell LiPo), it is designed for experienced pilots. The PC-21 has excellent flight characteristics thanks to a solid and precise construction. It can fly fast and dynamic or slow and steady. These characteristics will appeal to a wide range of customers.

GFK hull and rudder
GFK wing and elevators, The wing is ready to accept installation of the landing gear.

This model comes standard with an ABS cockpit and seat with a see-through cabin, a milled set of partitions, propeller cone exhausts, building instructions and all the necessary parts for completion.

Remote control functions

Landing gear

Recommended items to install

Electric motor
3 – 5 cell LiPo battery
75 A voltage regulator
Retractable landing gear

Technical specifications

Wingspan 1.130 mm

Length  1.400 mm

Weight 2,6 kg  (without fuel)

Power Electric motor

Battery 3 – 5 cell LiPo