SZD 54 Perkoz  5.83 metre 1:3 scale

Nimbus 4D  7 metre 1:3.75 scale

DG303  Elan Acro 6.25 metre 1:2.3 scale

DG600 / 16 Evolution  5.13 metre 1:3.5


Cirrus V1  4.5 metre 1:4 scale

ASW19  3.75 metre 1:4 scale

ASG 29  6 metre 1:3 scale

Paritech Scale Gliders

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266 Swinnow Lane Leeds LS13 4HP uk

Nimbus 4  7.03 metre 1:3.75 scale

DG1000s  8 - 8.8 metre 1:2.25 scale

ASH 26  4.5 metre 1:4scale

Ventus C  4.7 metre 1:3.75 scale

MDM-1 Fox  7 metre 1:2 scale

EB 28 Edition  9.56 metre 1:2.96 scale

Duo Discus  5.33 metre 1:3.75 scale

DG303  Elan Acro 5 metre 1:3 scale

ASW27  3.82 metre 1:4 scale

ASH31  7 metre 1:3 scale

State of the art gliders with full size know-how

I have been flying Paritech gliders since before they were called Paritech. Bruno Rhimm is retired now but he lay the foundations for this company with his skill and knowledge of composite lay up techniques and excellence of design. Then again, that should be no surprise. His day job was making full size gliders for one of the major German manufacturers.

The build quality of these gliders is first class, but the performance and handling are also superb. You will not be disappointed!

Please note that prices are correct at the time of publication. They do not include packing and shipping. 

due to exchange rate and transport cost fluctuations, please contact us for an accurate quotation.


Mini Nimbus 2  6 metre 1:3.75 scale

Janus  6.05 metre 1:3.75 scale

Discus 2b  5.13 metre 1:3 scale