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My friend Zbigniew Peksa is now living his dream. He builds scale model gliders for a living. He's a bit good at it too! But then he should be having been a model builder since he was a boy. But he told me that he has never been seduced by modern glass gliders or their production techniques, prefering the artisan skills passed down from his father and his grandfather. Traditional woodworking skills are alive and well after all.

Having retired from industry he bought a house with a huge workshop, CNC cutting equipment and utises his CAD design skills. The result is a large range of Kit / plan packs, almost ready to cover and almost ready to fly scale gliders ranging from 3 metres span to seven and a half metres span.

The ARF gliders are covered in Solartex painted and have decals in  place, it is only necessary to fit radio, linkages and horns to complete the models. He will even fit your radio if you want him to.

Not surprisingly, most of the model are of Polish prototypes.

I believe that these models are built to a very high standard, and are excellent value for money.

Old Gliders TM          Scale Vintage Gliders

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