Similar size and weight to an M140,

But with 37 Lbs of thrust.

Small enough to be mounted on board the aicraft, the screen is bright enough to be read in sunshine. Full EDT functionality in a minature package.  A minature SD card can be installed to allow software updates and data recording. The last 66 minutes are recorded by the device itself. Last run can be replayed in real time. Any stops are recorded and reason for stop is shown. Colour touchscreen to program and to make adjustments.


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Jets -Munt Turbines

In the last decade we have seen enormous growth and development of model turbine engines. At the forefront of this movement Gaspar Espiel has been a mover and shaker. Starting with the Merlin 160 jet modellers were quick to realise that here was an engine manufacturer who could deliver a superb and extremely powerful engine at a modest price. During this time we have seen the intorduction of new and better models, with light weight, better fuel consumption and advanced features such as brushless starter motors and fuel pumps. The range continues to grow and develop, offering the jet modeller great choice, reliablity and value for money. A range of telemetry interface devices are available to suit most radio brands.


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Merlin  M166 TS

Merlin 70 XBL

NB: there is an adapter for Spektrum radios which I can order for you. Please call for details

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Please note that the VT80 BLR has been replaced by the VT90 BLR. The dimensions and weight will be more or less the same  but due to a CNC cut compressor the cost will be a little higher.

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Provides various amounts of dat a to the Tx screen depending upon the radio type and version. (please chaeck prior to purchase).With Jeti and Hott systems it provides full data to the Tx screen

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Smart Data Terminal

Telemetry Adapter for Jeti, Futaba, JR DMSS, Hott & MPX

Nominal thrust: 90N at 150.000 RPM
Idle thrust: 3.8N (<1lb)
Idle RPM: 42,000
Diameter: 90.5mm (3.56”)
Engine weight: 950g (2.1lb)
Installed weight: 1,075g (2,37lb)
Fuel: Kerosene/Diesel + 3% oil
Fuel consumption: 220g/min
Starting mode: Direct Kerosene

IncludingPump, ECU, Data Screen, Wiring Harness, Patch Lead, Filter & Fuel Tubing.

Header tank with mount

The size and weight of a 45 but the thrust of a 70!

Merlin 100XBL:

Nominal Thrust: 100N (22.5lbs) @152,000RPM

Idle Thrust: <5N

Idle RPM: 42,000

Diameter: 90mm (3.5")

Engine weight: 985g (2.16 lbs (inc. mounting strap)

Installed Weight: 1.2g (2.4 lbs) inc. Pump ECU

Fuel: Kerosene +4% oil

Fuel Consumption: 360mL per minute @ 100N.

Brushless Fuel pump and BUS electronics, integrated electronics

A Proper UAT with a fabric bag bubble trap / filter. Complete with mount to correct orientate the device.