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Radio Equipment  by jeti model

Jeti Models have been quality making electronic items for the model pilot for around 2 decades. Well known for their excellent speed controllers for electric models, they then turned their attention to the 2.4GHz radio market, first making transmitter modules and receivers, then telemetry sensors, and now transmitters.

The tray type DC 16 set new standard when it was launch a few years ago. This transmitter is CNC machined out a solid billet of aluminium alloy. There are no potentiometers in the stick units. This job is now done with solid state, non contact Hall Effect devices, resulting in zero wear and greater reliability.

The DC16 was followed up in 2013 with the hand held DS 16, made the same way as the DC 16 but with even more features, including sequencers and accelerometers, plus sophisticated software all adds up to the best transmitters in the world today.

Designed by modellers for modellers, the software is straightforward, logical and easy to set up, and yet incredibly capable. If you can think it, you can do it!

All of this comes at a price point that is a significant fraction of the major competitors.

Full duplex transmission and reception means added signal security, with two separate transmitter modules in both the Tx and in The Rx's. These can be configured in many ways, including separate control of each half of the model with dual Rx's, satisfying the needs of the LMA.

In fact there are many different options open to the most advanced modeller, to satisfy the most demanding requirements.

A truly world class piece of kit. You could hammer nails in with this transmitter and then go and fly a jet with it quite safely.

Their new flagship radios the DC and the DS 24 bring a whole new level of security, with a 900 mHz back up channel.