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Harry Curzon's Jeti Set Up tutorial


With Thanks to Harry Curzon

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Jeti have made us an incredible radio control system. However, the instructions could, lets face it, be better! The basic instruction are often limited, with certain aspect not covered very well, or in some areas, not at all. It can be rather confusing.

Don't get me wrong, This is not a new phenonomon. Most radios have impenetrable instructions. On the other hand the Jeti holds so much promise that it seems a shame to limit our enjoyment of it through lack of understanding.

So I have started this page with the idea of posting hints and tips from customers on solutions to problems.  So If you have had an problems that you have solved and would like to share, please let me know what the problem was (with a little preamble maybe), what your solution is, and how that is set up on the radio. Be as detailed as you can be please. Entries would ideally be in PDF format, but I can accept word format too. Please send any entries to

Jeti Radio - Hints and tips