JettstreamUK  presents the new Electron GS-200, a new electronic control unit with gyro brake assist.


Programming done via integrated colour touchscreen .
Independant brakes, allowing you to steer the model using the brakes.
Integrated Gyro. Can be mixed with the steering servo output and to the independant electronic brakes.
Dual control of electric brakes, fully proportional, linear and adjustable pulse mode.
Steering servo processor. Gyro gain, direction and center can all be adjusted. The steering servo is automatically centered during retraction.
8 servo outputs for the control of gear doors. The endpoints of each servo can be programmed individually. The Servo speed can be programmed independently in both directions in 0,1s increments.
10 step sequencer. The position of the gears and the position of the 8 doors can be defined independently in each step. Step duration in 0,1s increments.
Wide choice of RC inputs. Single RC channel, Dual RC channel, Futaba SBUS, UDI Bus, SRXL Bus, JR Mode A Bus, JETI EX Bus.
SD card slot to backup settings and upgrade the software.Type your paragraph here.

Video of Brake setup

GS200 Controller

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User Manual