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We are proud to present our new big Viperjet MK II to you, which was developed from original 3-view drawings of the Viper Aircraft company, USA. The flight performance of the Viperjet is phenomenal. The jet is neutral in all aerobatic routines and a fine aerobatics show is viable easily. Great fun for both pilot and audience! The exceptionally low landing velocity completes the well balanced flight characteristics and enables flying short sites. Additional to the all-carbon sandwich construction kit built in the latest vacuum technique, we offer all accessories from cockpit and retractable landing gear through glas fibre fuel tank to thrust tube, in tried and tested quality. Optionally the construction kit can be fitted with all scale accessories.

Price: from £3500 ex factory

DG 303 Acro 1:2.2 scale 6.52 Metres

Viperjet  3.48 metres 1:2.8 scale

The three guys that run this company combine full size glider repair and maintenance with model aircraft design and build. Nice work if you can get it I say. Long time modellers, they have the techniques and experience to build really out standing models.  These high end all carbon machines properly belong in the hands of total aviation hooligans, like myself.  With specially developed thin wing sections these models are design to have a vast speed range. Sure you can drop the flaps a few degrees and thermal them all day, but when you tire of that, clean up and put the nose down and watch these babies go. Good for up to 200mph.  Are you brave enough?

The ASH31 evo is a refinement of our ASH31. Everybody who already tried the ASH 31 knows how easy this model is to handle and how much fun you can have with it! With our ASH31 evo we reworked the original and improved all its already good qualities and computed a completely new airfoil of a thickness of only 10-8.5%. Due to the full carbon construction and the square wing joiner, this model aircraft weights 1kg less than its predecessor, the ASH 31. By virtue of the new airfoil dynamics and circling even in weak thermal lift have improved. The ASH31 evo is perfectly suited to fit a retractable engine or EDF, and on rough ground there is no tendency to overturning. We recommend either the AFT 19 or the Ceflix 750 EDF.

Price: from £3550 ex factory

DG303 Acro 6.25 metres 1:2.2 scale

Swift S1  3.3 metres 1:3.3 scale

Our ASG 29S is a modern high performance glider with very good versatile flying qualities. The computed airfoil of thickness 11-9% is perfectly suited for this use and allows a wide speed range. Circling with the ASG 29S in a weak thermal lift is easy, and due to its low drag and excellent conversion between altitude and speed it is perfectly suitable for aerobatics and high speed flight. Flaps and ailerons are hinged at the lower side, hence touching down at the slope is comfortable thanks to the crow configuration of the flaps. With a mass of only 14.5 kg the ASG is very light, and fitted with a CEFLIX 500 EDF it is able to self-launch on a grassy runway. Because of the thin airfoil the wing is built in an all carbon hard shell technique, and the square wing joiner of dimensions 18x40 mm is made of carbon, too. The stability of the wing is very high and well suited for velocities above 300 km/h even at demanding conditions.

Price: from £3200 ex factory

ASW17 6.6 metres 1/3 scale

ASH31 Evo 7 metres 1/3 scale

Have endless fun in the sky with our new scale model! The ASH 31mi distinguishes itself by enormous agility and excellent circling characteristics, even in weak thermal lift. By virtue of its airfoil design the altitude recovery from high velocities is terrific. Due to its high speed capability and stunning gliding and thermal performance you will never get bored by this model! The ASH 31mi is perfectly suited to fit a retractable engine, and on rough ground there is no tendency to overturning.

Price: from £2975 ex factory

ASH31 7 metres 1/3 scale

ASG29 6 metres 1/3 scale

The DG 303 6.52m is a real all rounder, which, in spite of its large scale offers incredible agility. By virtue of the thin airfoil its speed conservation is impressive. All aerobatic routines are possible without difficulties. When circling in weak thermals the DG 303 6.52m is controllable with a high degree of sensitivity. For the DG 303 6.52 a completely new set of moulds has been manufactured, after surface quality and airfoil have been improved. We offer the DG with all-carbon wings and square joiner.

Price: from £3550 ex factory

Our Swift S1 is designed for aerobatics as well as for all round use. When it comes to circling the plane needs to be piloted actively, however it's a model which climbs well in weak thermals. Fitted with a Ceflix 750 EDF and 12S it is an awesome aerobatic model which enthuses both pilot and audience. All routines can be piloted very accurately and it actually flies like an RC1 model. The airfoil thickness amounts to 8%, the wing is built in hard-shell technique and it is nearly impossible to dent its surface.

Price: from £2450 ex factory

Make your dream come true with this ASW 17! It is a very smart glider which is appropriate for competition flying, and due to its proportion it is an excellent choice for GPS triangle flight. We computed a modern and thin airfoil which is perfectly suited for distance and speed flying. Circling, whether in strong or in weak thermal lift, is easy, and the model immediately speeds up with reflex, without losing much height. The mass of the glider is 16 kg, and with 3 kg of optional ballast a wing loading of 115 g/sqm can be reached. By reason of the thin airfoil the wings are built in an all carbon hard shell technique. Hence their surface is very sturdy, it is almost impossible to dent it. They are joined by a square wing joiner of dimensions 20x50 mm which is made of carbon, too. The outboard wing panels are joined to the inner panels by 10x20 mm carbon joiners.

Price: from £3450 ex factory