Fiala Single Cylinder Petrol Four Stroke Engines

Superbly Engineered Czech Masterpieces - from 60 to 800 cc

Fiala Twin Cylinder Petrol Four Stroke Engines

FM250-R5-FS Radial

FM210-B2-FS Boxer

FM420-R5-FS Radial

FM120-I2-FS In-line Twin

Fiala Flat Four & Five / Seven Cylinder Radial Petrol Four Stroke Engines

FM800-R7-FS Radial



FM85-B2-FS Boxer

FM120-B2-FS Boxer

FM170-B2-FS Boxer

FM280-B4-FS Flat Four

FM140-B2-FS Boxer

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Fiala Props and engines stock arriving  now! Call for details.