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Jettstream presents the new Electron  ER-30eVo, designed for planes up to 8 kg (16Lb) and backed by the guarantee of quality Electron is known for. .

Compact design: The ER-30eVo main frame is milled from a single aluminium block, housing a spindle system with internal absorbers mounted between three bearings (two axial and one radial). All parts are very well protected inside the strong main body.

Light, strong and precise: The main body is milled from a single block of 7075 T6 aeronautical aluminium. Electron uses the latest industrial milling machines allowing the highest accuracy on all parts, resulting a system that is strong, smooth and without play.
Very easy maintenance: All rotating parts are made with self lubricating materials that require very low maintenance. Any damaged part can also be changed very easily. With just four screws you can completely disassemble the system and Electron Retracts can supply spares of all parts.
Reversible: All retracts purchased from January 2015 are a reversible version: this means that it can be operated in normal or reverse mode. This version also accepts trunions with all retraction angles (from 70º to 105º). Following this manual or see this video, the customer can disassemble the trunion in order to change the direction of operation or of the retraction angle (in this second case a new trunion with desired angle will be necessary)


Weight (single retract):  75gr

Trunion diameter holes:  1/4”   4,5,6,8mm

Trunion retraction angles: 85º,90º,100º

Steeerable options:  Electron steering system, Simple steering

Recomended battery:  500mAh (Lipo 3s), 500mAh 3s Life.

Max current: 1A with 3SLiPoType your paragraph here.

ER-30 Evo