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Dynamic has been designed as a result of our experience with the Wild Hornet model and our customers raising demands for a comely training JET model with a high degree of modification, with excellent flight characteristics at low speeds as well as during aerobatics and at speeds above 300km/h. Further required demands were the possibility of applying the turbine with a thrust up to 200N and affordable price.

During its construction we used the experience from the sphere of models powered by the gas turbine engines. We managed to combine all of the good flight properties of these models, the option to use wide range of offered turbines and undercarriages, the possibility of implying the “canard surface” and thrust vector of the turbine – and this is DYNAMIC.


The fuselage is made of white fibreglass with plywood parts, reinforced by herex and CFK. Thus the sandwich construction is achieved, which increases the strength of the body by several times. This model was equipped with aerodynamic drag on the bottom side of the fuselage for better control on landing. The brake is a split-of design which increases the strength of the fuselage.


The wings use a polystyrene/veneer construction, which is reinforced by the use of cantilevered tube, plywood beam and GFK fabric. There are ailerons in the wings which are hanged on a GFK tape as standard. All of the wing is coated with the Oracover foil.


The rudder construction is similar to the construction of the wing. It is glued to fuselage during the assembly.


The engine is placed inside the fuselage, the access to the engine is through the bottom fuselage cover. A recess in the hull mounting allows the installation of a turbine with up to 20 kg of static thrust. There is space behind the engine which allows adjusting thrust vector when mounting.

Canard surface

GFK canard surface is provided as a part of the set as standard equipment and they can be used as controlled as well as uncontrolled in the zero position.

Technical specification

DYNAMIC is designed as a low-wing monoplane with a delta-wing configuration.

Wingspan 1.760 mm

Length 1.840 mm

Weight 12 kg (without fuel)

Min. speed cca 30 km/h

Max .speed more than 300 km/h

Turbine 80 - 200 N

Tank 3,5 litre

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