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DH Vampire

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The De Havilland Vampire is a fully laminated model including engraving and plating, and is designed to be powered by an electric ducted fan or a small turbine.

1:8 scale

The fuselage and wings are a one-piece construction and are laminated in a vacuum using Herex. During production, wing ribs, the main spar, parts for mounting the main landing gear and air ducts with a 90 mm recess for the blower were mounted into the fuselage. The wings contain reinforcement brackets for easy assembly of the fuselage onto the wings. The boom fuselage is made of fiberglass, which is drilled and threaded for easy attachment to the wings. The rear section is fitted with a drop in the tail elevator profile. Thanks to this solution, the existing midsection, two jibs and elevators are attached with the help of four plastic screws. This model comes standard with an ABS cockpit and seat, see-through cabin, a milled set of partitions, all parts and building instructions.

Remote control functions

Landing gear

Recommended add-ons

90 mm electric ducted fan
Turbine (e.g. JetCat 20, Lambert Kolibri T25)
5 – 6 cell LiPo battery
75 amp regulator
JET 1 retractable landing gear
3 microservos

Technical data

Wingspan 1.450 mm

Length 1.210 mm

Kit Weight 1,1 kg

Flying weight 3 kg

Power electric

90 mm electric ducted fan     battery 5 – 6 cell LiPo

Power JET JetCat P20SX,  Lambert Kolibri T25