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ASG 29 kit with wing bags and canopy mechanism                                                                                      £2318.40

ASG29 with undersides of the wings and elevator painted red, black or blue. Other colour +£23           £143.52

ASG29 ready installed canopy gas spring                                                                                                         £258.14

ASG 29 Ready installed Retract unit, fitted with gas spring and cover                                                          £331.54

ASG 29 Ready cut and sanded servo covers                                                                                                    £111.65

ASG29 Ready fitted canopy clearview window                                                                                                   £34.56

ASG 29 Decal set                                                                                                                                                   £58.73

ASG 29 Tow realease system ready fitted                                                                                                          £36.48

ASG29 Airbrake covers ready fitted                                                                                                                    £62.35

ASG29 Scale instruments from Axel Pfannmuller                                                                                           £141.40

ASG 29 Ready painted mold line on wings and elevator                                                                                £331.20

ASG 29 GFK Cockpit installed (upcharge for door for engine battery £12)                                                    £39.98

ASG 29 6 metres 1:3 Scale